Mercy's Door Pet Rescue, Inc.
Greenwich, OH

Mercy's Door Pet Rescue, Inc. saves lives of neglected, stray and abused dogs through the generosity of individuals that want to help make a difference.  If you cannot foster or adopt, please consider volunteering or donating toward the cost of operating this rescue.  All dogs are spayed/neutered, heartworm tested, up to date on shots, treated for any illnesses or injuries and often micro-chipped....not to mention loved, fed and housed until a forever family steps up to adopt.  Help us help the pups!
 If you'd like to help a rescue dog 
but can't adopt or foster... 
consider donating.. whether it be monetary donations, food, toys, sheets, blankets, treats, beds, crates, sponsorship money towards a dogs monthly care, ect. (more info on helpful links page) Not only is it helpful to current rescue dogs, it allows us to continue to help save more lives.
Open your home, if you your heart if you dare...
either is a decision you won't regret.   

Creator and Heart of 
Mercy's Door Pet Rescue - 

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